• Military Housing & Military Commercial Roofing
    We provide construction management and general construction
    services to corporations, property management companies, and
    government entities. We have been in the roofing
    construction industry for over 25 years.
  • RRSA's national roofing work speaks volumes
    to our experience in storm damage restoration.
    We're big. We're good. And we move fast!
  • Flat roofs. Peaked roofs. Low slope roofs.
    Shingled roofs. Tile roofs. Slate roofs.
    Shake roofs. Built-up roofs. Single-ply roofs.

Military Housing & Military Commercial Roofing

RRSA is a national construction company that manages and builds highly complex projects, specializing in roofing, siding and exterior roof and wall panel systems. We provide construction management and general construction services to corporations, property management companies, and government entities. We have been in the roofing and construction industry for over 20 years.

RRSA's primary strengths include the ability to manage the entire construction process for our client, from pre-construction planning, to estimating and scheduling, through construction, and project closeout. Over the course of the project, we quickly respond to challenges, work to develop lasting relationships, and maximize quality and efficiency, to maintain the utmost level of trust for our clients. For RRSA, this commitment is at the heart of our corporate values, guiding our unwavering mission that "protecting your business, is our business".

RRSA has been involved in military projects including base housing, aircraft and cargo hangars, commissaries, and maintenance facilities. RRSA has worked on military sites in 23 states, including Hawaii. Nonmilitary commercial projects include retail facilities, healthcare facilities, apartment and condominium complexes, and warehouse facilities. RRSA is bondable to over $100 million dollars and can do multiple large projects at the same time, due to its reputation and financial strength in the industry. Our history of quality workmanship and construction expertise will continue to be one of our strongest cornerstones. RRSA is prepared to meet the challenges of our clients and deliver exceptional projects. We offer the best building solutions while providing high quality performance, with a broad national reach and a strong commitment to its established safety program.

Rebuilding Communities One Roof At A Time

Roofing & Restoration Services of America (RRSA) is one of the nation's largest and experienced roofing contractors specializing in storm damage assessment and restoration. Our business is helping property owners whose homes or businesses have been damaged or otherwise compromised by age, high winds, hail or other natural forces.

RRSA's success is built on Founder Grady "Marty" Haight's unwavering commitment to quick response, quality work and professional integrity.

RRSA sets itself apart from others by providing excellent skills training, and the extensive use of technology to ensure speed, accuracy and consistency on every job. Prior to deployment, RRSA's project managers and crews are trained on OSHA programs, EPA certification, safety measures, best installation practices and manufacturer certification.

We believe that no other roofing contractor in America can compete with RRSA's ability to immediately mobilize and have competent, trained crews on the job within 24 hours.

RRSA is committed to best practice methods to inspect damage, plan, install and service a full range of roofing, siding and guttering materials that results in customer trust and satisfaction.